“Elle’s vocals are piercing, she enters the song with such ease and delivers her emotions so clearly” BuzzMusic


“When it comes to plus size art, we can never get enough of it. Being able to see ourselves adorned, celebrated, and acknowledged in all of our beauty had long been fleeting. However, over the past few years, this has changed. And one person contributing to this change is Elle Baez with her latest song and project, Paint Me.”  – The Curvy Fashionista

Curvy Indie singer-songwriter, Elle Baez, is becoming a voice for young women everywhere with her raw delivery of beautiful pop-soul vocals that paint a striking vulnerable portrait of her life, song by song. Her original music has the power to evoke a broken heart to find the strength to overcome hard times or get your friends ready to party with her infectious motto of self-love and captivating hooks. Her ethos is simple: be curvy, be sexy, and above all, be confident. Baez mixes her advocacy and storytelling with rich soundscapes that use elements of pop, latin, r&b, jazz, and funk to create an exciting new concoction. She began making music to break the stereotype she found herself constantly placed in by the industry. Elle's new single "Paint Me" is the body positive anthem we have all been yearning for. In conjunction with the release she has curated a virtual gallery of plus size womxn posing as "Rose" from Titanic to challenge mainstream media's ingenue tropes: https://www.paintmethecollection.com

Baez is a tour-de force and on the rise, paving her own way through the industry with her authentic and empowering music.

“Baez captivates listeners with outstanding vocals, smooth harmonies, unique guitar work, pop sounds, and memorable hooks. Lyrically, the artist remains as thoughtful as ever. She inspires people all over the world. Every line in the song has meaning.”LeFutureWave


“Often, we look to artists for their sheer brilliance and ingenuity to push us collectively forward in times of strife. Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Elle Baez is no exception to that with her body-positive message.”Hype Magazine