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Elle Baez is not just a popstar - she is a movement. The trailblazing Latina singer-songwriter is taking over with her innovative pop-soul music and message. Real, authentic, and relatable, Elle is representation for womxn that have been craving to see themselves in the spotlight. She empowers and inspires others through her captivating hooks, body positive music videos, versatile writing style, and motto of self-love that has amassed her over 100K followers on Tiktok and Instagram. Her newest hit song “I Love My Body” has gone viral on social media with with over 2.5 Million Hits across platforms. The song along with her summer 2023 hit “Fuego” were both featured in Rolling Stone’s “Songs You Need To Know”. Elle was named 2023 Entertainer of The Year at the Full Figured Industry Awards and most recently walked the runway for Adore Me at 2024 NYFW. As a songwriter, Elle has been featured by the Grammy’s. She has opened for charting artists Bea Miller and Leah Kate , been featured in Pop Sugar Magazine, NPR and went on a VS Pink Sponsored Tour. Her ethos is simple: be you, be sexy, and above all, be confident. You can follow her @elle_baez and become one of her BAE’Z!

“Elle’s sound wholeheartedly embodies self-love and empowerment. Delivering innovative pop-
soul music with relatable lyricism that represents woman world-wide, Elle inspires through her

captivating hooks.” – Wonderland

“Elle Baez is all about self-love. The Dominican-American singer-songwriter dropped her newest
single “I Love My Body,” a heartfelt love letter to her physique. With empowering lyrics on top of
a progressive pop number, Baez delivered a body-positive anthem about self-compassion,
forgiveness, and acceptance. What a great way to start the new year.”

- Remezcla

“Elle’s vocals are piercing, she enters the song with such ease and delivers her emotions so clearly” BuzzMusic


“When it comes to plus size art, we can never get enough of it. Being able to see ourselves adorned, celebrated, and acknowledged in all of our beauty had long been fleeting. However, over the past few years, this has changed. And one person contributing to this change is Elle Baez with her latest song and project, Paint Me.”  – The Curvy Fashionista

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